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About the Hub

Leading change together in Dundee

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Dundee's Changemakers Hub


Imagine there was... 


  • Practical action happening in every street, in every neighbourhood across Dundee, driven by many to improve tomorrow... 


  • Support to test community member’s ideas and dreams which explored what sustainable, happy communities look like...


  • Community groups and the third sector's capacity to drive change was strengthened, bringing together efforts by many organisations…


These are some of the long-term ambitions of Dundee’s Changemakers Hub which is being designed and delivered by a collective of five local community organisations: Transition Dundee, The Maxwell Centre, ScrapAntics, Uppertunity and Creative Dundee. Over the months ahead, from April 2024 onwards, the Hub will offer support, events, workshops and micro-grants to connect and amplify collective community action.

With a deep understanding and commitment to the people of the city, Dundee’s Changemakers Hub will respond to the needs of local communities through amplifying exciting local networks and action, and testing new ways of connecting and working together. Ideas could include community street meals, new wildlife spaces, school cycle buses, or young community journalists reporting from their local areas about climate issues. 


The Hub is part of a growing national network funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Action Fund, Climate Action Hubs aim to build local awareness of the climate emergency, develop local plans, help groups take up funding opportunities, and contribute to a Just Transition which is fair and leaves no one behind. Read the media announcement for Dundee’s Changemakers Hub here


This is just the beginning. Dundee Changemakers Hub has so far identified community needs in consultation with over 40 groups across Dundee, including community groups, gardens, food hubs, cycle groups and more.

To get involved please sign up for our Newsletter and see our Opportunities page to find more details of upcoming events and activities.

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The Network of Changemakers


Dundee Changemakers have shared values and bring distinctive expertise and understanding of communities across Dundee. The core partners will connect up great climate action practice taking place already, and support scaling up and embedding to benefit even more communities.

The Pilot Projects


The Hub will support three communities in Dundee to co-design their own models which explore how to build sustainable places to pilot ideas, test scalability, connect and showcase initiatives, then learn from these experiences.

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Active listening and community voices


We value active listening to what communities need to enable participation and access for everyone. By designing and delivering creative social activities which build relationships and care for each other, we’ll also learn, share and improve practice as the project develops.

Meet the Core Partners

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