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Keep an eye on this page to discover and explore current opportunities with Dundee’s Changemakers Hub!

Digital collage illustration of coordinators navigating te laptop, planning, finances, done by Jurgita Vas

2 x Part-Time Coordinators


  • Network Building & Communication

    This post is key to nurturing long-term relationships with and between local changemakers: communicating through digital platforms, organising events, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the visibility of community-led initiatives across Dundee.

  • Community Action & Outreach

    This post is key to fostering community participation and facilitating impactful projects through coordinating neighbourhood-scale pilot projects, micro-grants, and empowering youth journalists to amplify community voices.

Download full description here:

Press change, journalists, Dundee law, collage illustration by Jurgita Vas for Dundee Changemakers Hub

Press Change

Press Change is a youth community journalism pilot project which aims to develop young people’s skills, confidence and agency in raising their voices, whilst developing connections and pathways to share skills and knowledge, and explore local environmental and societal issues across the city.


More to follow soon...

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