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Join our growing movement of Changemakers!

Thriving communities emerge from countless small acts of collaboration and collective imagination.


Whitfield Community Event – Photography by Ben Douglas.

Led by an exciting collective of five local community organisations: Transition Dundee, The Maxwell Centre, ScrapAntics, Uppertunity and Creative Dundee – Dundee’s Changemakers Hub is hosting a launch event, to collectively design (with you!) an action plan for the Hub's ambitious programme of networking events, skill-sharing workshops, practical support and microgrants, to connect and amplify collective community action.

Join us to share with others, connect the dots together between great climate action practices taking place already across the city, and add your voice to what's next for the Hub, to benefit even more communities!

Not Another Visioning Event

Tuesday 26 March

10am - 12.30pm

Steeple Church Hall

(free event, lunch included from 12.30pm)


Since launching Dundee’s Changemakers Hub, we’ve been busy hosting a series of community celebration events across the city, exploring community connections through food, play and active listening.

These open events were held in community settings, from neighbourhood centres to popular parks and gardens, notably in Coldside and Whitfield, welcoming people from a wide range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, and with learning disabilities, mental health and physical barriers.

Engaging with embedded organisations, community groups, residents, young people and families, we have been gathering valuable insights into the aspirations and needs of local communities, which will inform the Hub's next steps and priorities.

Coldside Community Event – Photography by Holly Quinn.

In these shared moments, we shined a light on the many local changemakers and how they already contribute to their community, and ask them about what they dream to make happen for their community.

Who are the Changemakers in your community?

What do you dream of making happen for your community?

What skills and connections would you need to make this happen?

What’s stopping you?

The responses were extremely generous, ranging from creating more opportunities for cooking together, sharing healthy and intercultural food recipes, sharing energy saving tips, supporting more people in their recovery journey, to learning about our local environment in accessible and playful ways.

Multicultural Community Event in Baxter Park – Photography by Ben Douglas.


Next, we invite you to join us at our launch event on Tuesday 26 March, from 10am - 1.30pm, at the Steeple Church Hall, to connect with others and share your insights and ideas for a collective vision of where to head next, ensuring our communities are leading the city to the future we want.

Don’t worry if you’re not able to attend this event, there will be other ways to share your insights and aspirations for the direction of the Hub, and to connect with others – sign-in to our newsletter to add your voice and stay in the loop with Dundee's Changemakers Hub.


As part of the Hub’s creative engagement programme, Creative Dundee is also currently facilitating a youth community journalism programme, Press Change – a short pilot project which supports a small cohort of young people to develop their skills, confidence and agency in raising their voices, whilst exploring local environmental and societal issues across Dundee.

Press Change at Keiller Centre – Photography by Ben Douglas.


We'll be sharing more updates and stories soon, and we look forward to collaborating with you soon!



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